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Scalable cloud storage solves a lot of problems for personal use and businesses of all sizes. Raitweb have added improved collaboration features as well as the ability to work with different file types. Running off the nextcloud source code, Raitweb offers you complete control over your file storage and collaboration needs.


For small to midsize businesses (SMEs), cloud storage solutions are ideal for covering the needs of remote workers, distributed office locations as well as maintaining secure offsite backups of important files. While it is now easier than ever to set up cloud storage and file sharing solution, the wide range of services and solutions ­­­­can be quite staggering to wade through.

Raitweb offers you new and creative ways to extend your collaboration with the use of our cloud storage solutions; some can use this service as document management systems while others can pursue collaboration functionality and file-sharing features. Now more than ever, business cloud storage services and solutions are being relied on more by businesses of all sizes.

We Simplify Integration

Raitweb's cloud storage solutions are also available as standalone products, tailored for easy integration into any existing system. We can now mix and match cloud storage solutions with existing productivity and document management systems.
We can build a cloud storage solution strategy based on the products you already use.

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